The Grand Canyon Area’s Premier Natural Attraction

There’s Something WILD in the Air!

Raptor Ranch is a wildlife education facility, bird of prey breeding project, and home of the Northern Arizona Raptor Foundation. Our mission is to provide the public with an understanding of raptors, falconry, and wildlife conservation through unique educational displays and demonstrations. 

Our Vision Moving Forward

A visit to the Raptor Ranch in Arizona will include a self-guided tour of our natural history and falconry museum, which includes photographs, works of art, taxidermy specimens, and interpretive displays that will enthrall visitors with the wonders of the raptor world. Additionally there is an education room that includes a multimedia system, which plays short videos of raptors in action, as well as more extensive information about many species. There is also an art gallery that contains many unique wildlife art pieces.

The Ranch is home to a variety of raptors or birds of prey, that are displayed for the public’s viewing. The majority of North American diurnal (daytime) raptors are represented, as well as a number of owls. Get a close-up look at these majestic birds.

Here’s a Video of our Future Plans

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Amenities plan to include:


  • Natural History & Falconry Museum
  • Educational Center
  • Art Gallery
  • Flight Show

Site Amenities

  • Campsites
  • General Store
  • Diner
  • Gift Shop
  • Picnic Area
  • Food & Drink
  • Restrooms


  • Rock Climbing
  • Wagon Rides
  • Archery Range
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Much more!

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There’s Something WILD in the Air!

Watch raptors vigorously pursue mechanical quarry that demonstrate these birds of preys’ natural hunting ability

Our flight demonstrations are an exciting means of educating our Grand Canyon, Arizona Raptor Ranch visitors about raptors as they demonstrate actual hunting and flying techniques used by these birds of prey in the wild.

There is no better way to instill a real appreciation of raptors, than to witness these birds in flight. Each demonstration includes detailed commentary designed to highlight the main characteristics of the birds being flown.


Creating public awareness.

No trip to the Grand Canyon’s Raptor Ranch would be complete without touring our raptor breeding facilities, incubation room, and nursery. We normally have baby birds at the Arizona Ranch from April thru October.

The domestic breeding of raptors was discovered in the 1960s by falconers who wanted the means of assuring access to a ready supply of birds for their sport.Raptors that were endangered were then bred by falconers and released into the wild to rebuild devastated populations. Due to these efforts, today only a couple of North American species require falconers’ assistance in release projects, but all other raptors being bred for falconry today are ready and waiting should the day come when the recovery of a raptor species requires assistance again. RR’s breeding pairs are descendants of these raptors and are ready to serve our conservation needs should the need arise again. Come to Arizona Raptor Ranch and observe these descendants of those historic making birds.

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Raptor Rehabilitation:

The Raptor Ranch is home of the Northern Arizona Raptor Foundation.

The Northern Arizona Raptor Foundation is a Grand Canyon area non-profit 501-C3 corporation facility dedicated to the rehabilitation, and release to the wild of native eagles and other birds of prey that have been injured.

The Northern Arizona Raptor Foundation’s video monitoring station, shows the birds that are under their care along with the prognoses for release to the wild. 

A number of these birds of prey are unsuitable for release, and are now available for public viewing.

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Advanced Booking Recommended

Fledging Falcons Excursion – Xtreme Bird Watching – Each spring a number of our young raptors bred at the Grand Canyon, Arizona Raptor Ranch, will be temporarily released from remote sites. These birds of prey come to associate what is called a hacking tower as their nest site, and return to the site to rest and feed. You will have an opportunity to see young falcons interact with their siblings, play, frolic and chase each other as they hone their natural flight skills. Hacking is a traditional technique used by falconers whereby young falcons, approximately 4 weeks old, are released in a semi-wild state in order to improve their flying and hunting skills before being trained in falconry.

Hacking improves mental conditioning as falcons receive a greater number of stimuli and experiences when at hack. However, there are many problems that prevent most raptor breeders from hacking their birds. Human habitation, the loss of some of the young, and lack of open ground makes hacking in many locations impractical. Raptor Ranch Arizona is one of the very few breeding projects that hacks young falcons. Groups of 10-15 people will be driven by van to the hack towers. This is a two-hour program.

Educational Group Visits – The standard program is approx. 2-3 hours (Program offered October 1- March 31st) For youths 7-17. Programs are designed to match the age of the youth groups. Whatever the age group, the demonstrations will always show a wide array of raptors. Prices will vary on age and group rates. This program is designed for schools and Scouting groups.

Hawk Walk – Take a walk on the wild side – approximately 30 minutes (minimum age 10 years) of walking and observing a Harris’ hawk following the falconer and his guests as they stroll through the wild. Availability is limited to small groups. Learn about the raptors, enjoy the walk, and get a chance to hold one on your gloved hand. Price which includes general admission.

Raptor 101 – Experience the Ranch behind the scenes – 2 hour program (minimum age 12 years)This program provides the visitor with a personal tour of the ranch, and background information on North American birds of prey. Learn how to approach, pick up, and handle hawks and falcons. Plenty of hands-on opportunities, experience a private flight demonstration, and end the experience with a hawk walk in the wild. Price Includes general admission (group discounts available).

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Falconry Courses:

Introduction to Falconry –

(minimum age 13 years) – learn about what Aldo Leopold described as “the perfect hobby”. This is a 4 hour program. A bit of background on historic and contemporary falconry and then a meet-and-greet with the birds. Learn how to tie the falconers knot and pick up the birds. Introduction and handling lessons are provided by one of our master falconers. You get to handle a variety of different raptors, and after lunch you can try swinging a lure, watch the falcons fly, and have a go at flying some hawks. This is a great way to spend a day! Price – Includes general admission (group discounts available).

Advanced Falconry Course –

So you might want to be a falconer? This is a two day course 6 hours per day for individuals seriously considering taking up falconry as a sport. This course covers the basics that you need to know to care for and fly your own falconry bird – bird selection, housing, feeding, general care, training, management, regulations and so on. You will also handle a variety of raptors during the daily excursions. Includes all meals and two nights lodging. (Minimum age 13 years old) Group discounts available.