There's Something WILD in the air!

Raptor Ranch is a wildlife education facility, bird of prey breeding project, and the future home of the Northern Arizona Raptor Foundation. Our mission is to provide the public with an understanding of raptors, falconry, and wildlife conservation through unique educational displays and demonstrations.

Our Vision Moving Forward

A visit to the Raptor Ranch in Arizona will include a self-guided tour of our natural history and falconry museum, which includes photographs, works of art, taxidermy specimens, and interpretive displays that will enthrall visitors with the wonders of the raptor world. Additionally there is an education room that includes a multimedia system, which plays short videos of raptors in action, as well as more extensive information about many species. There is also an art gallery that contains many unique wildlife art pieces.

The Ranch is home to a variety of raptors or birds of prey, that are displayed for the public’s viewing. The majority of North American diurnal (daytime) raptors are represented, as well as a number of owls. Get a close-up look at these majestic birds.