Raptor Encounters - Coming Soon: An Experience of a Lifetime!

Raptor Ranch is the REAL DEAL!

Currently, every day we are working with our Raptors and creating experiences that our guests will never forget!

So, take a look below for what exciting experiences we have in store for the NEAR future...

Fledging Falcons Excursion – Xtreme Bird Watching –

Each spring a number of our young raptors bred at the Grand Canyon, Arizona Raptor Ranch, will be temporarily released from remote sites. These birds of prey come to associate what is called a hacking tower as their nest site, and return to the site to rest and feed. You will have an opportunity to see young falcons interact with their siblings, play, frolic and chase each other as they hone their natural flight skills. Hacking is a traditional technique used by falconers whereby young falcons, approximately 4 weeks old, are released in a semi-wild state in order to improve their flying and hunting skills before being trained in falconry.

Hacking improves mental conditioning as falcons receive a greater number of stimuli and experiences when at hack. However, there are many problems that prevent most raptor breeders from hacking their birds. Human habitation, the loss of some of the young, and lack of open ground makes hacking in many locations impractical. Raptor Ranch Arizona is one of the very few breeding projects that hacks young falcons. Groups of 10-15 people will be driven by van to the hack towers. This is a two-hour program.

Educational Group Visits –

The standard program is approx. 2-3 hours (Program offered October 1- March 31st) For youths 7-17. Programs are designed to match the age of the youth groups. Whatever the age group, the demonstrations will always show a wide array of raptors. Prices will vary on age and group rates. This program is designed for schools and Scouting groups.

Hawk Walk –

Take a walk on the wild side – approximately 30 minutes (minimum age 10 years) of walking and observing a Harris’ hawk following the falconer and his guests as they stroll through the wild. Availability is limited to small groups. Learn about the raptors, enjoy the walk, and get a chance to hold one on your gloved hand. Price which includes general admission.

Raptor 101 –

Experience the Ranch behind the scenes – 2 hour program (minimum age 12 years)This program provides the visitor with a personal tour of the ranch, and background information on North American birds of prey. Learn how to approach, pick up, and handle hawks and falcons. Plenty of hands-on opportunities, experience a private flight demonstration, and end the experience with a hawk walk in the wild. Price Includes general admission (group discounts available).